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Previously on Save the Internet Okay, so most of that didn’t happen. But here’s what did happen. TRAI revealed all one million of those email
IDs publicly on their website, so spammers and data thieves everywhere could
steal those IDs and clog your inbox. So well done TRAI, well done. Second of all, after people started emailing
TRAI, COAI decided to send out these vaguely worded
SMSes that says, “COAI supports #SabKaInternet (#InternetForEveryone). I believe that I should have the right to
choose what I access on the internet. To support, give a missed call” Okay a)That message is so vaguely worded that a lot of people who got it thought it was PRO net neutrality and b)When you word it like that WHO THE HELL IS GOING TO SAY NO? In fact, you know what? Let me fix that message for you. It should read “COAI supports #MereBaapKaInternet
(#InternetBelongsToMyDad), If you believe the telecom operators should
have the right to decide what you can and cannot access on the internet based on who gives
them money, because they love money, then give a missed call to support.” But good news! Telecom operators and platforms like Facebook
say they SUPPORT Net Neutrality But wait, if everybody supports net neutrality
then, we won right? WE WON! WE WON, RIGHT? WE WON! YES, WE WON! No, we didn’t. F#$%! Here’s what’s really happening; Facebook and telecom operators are trying
to change the definition of net neutrality; they’re trying to define net neutrality
as everyone being able to access the internet. Whereas the truth is actual net neutrality means, anyone being
able to access EVERYTHING on the internet. Also if we’re just changing the definitions
of things to suit our own convenience, I’ve got one. I hereby declare that asshole means pineapple. So, All I wanna say is you’re a pineapple, You’re a pineapple, and you, too, are a pineapple. Also pizza tastes terrible with asshole on
it. Telecom companies are using products like
Airtel Zero to push the concept of Zero Rating. Now what is Zero Rating? Zero Rating is basically a way for telcos
to give you certain services and apps for free just because the services have partnered with
the telcos. Ok, now suppose AIB went and paid telecom
operators to show all our videos for free, means they can watch videos without any data
charges. Now suppose if someone wants to watch Superwoman’s videos, but once they click on the video the network
operator says you will have to pay to watch it and the data charges will be applicable. Naturally over a period of time, people will only want to watch free videos people will want to use the free app. Imagine if any other video creator, news website,
music app, they all are gonna get into this platform
but they can’t, because they can’t afford to pay these telcos
this extortion money. What will they do? Facebook is also doing something similar with While they aren’t charging people money
to sign on and become partners, what they are doing is creating a walled garden
of select apps and services, that people can access for free, but if you try to leave this garden and go
to the rest of the Internet, you’d get charged. Again, of course you will chose the free apps. Imagine if something like Orkut got zero rated
or on a platform like or Airtel Zero Ten years ago There would be no Facebook today! Facebook isn’t trying to protect your rights; Facebook’s just trying to make sure that there will never be another Facebook again. Which is why we decided to put this video
on Facebook! Have you seen The Social Network? A man who breaks trust with his best friend Won’t break your trust? Facebook, you’re a giant, stinky pineapple
too. Now for the WORSE news; The Department of Telecommunication wants
to start licensing for VoIP apps, what this means is that they want guys like
WhatsApp, Skype Viber to buy licenses for the call services that
they offer over the internet. Now if WhatsApp has to pay for expensive licenses Who do you think is gonna have to pay WhatsApp
for their services? That’s right! No more free domestic calls on WhatsApp. Also, licensing is subjective, time-consuming, and will have to rely on some random Govt
babus sitting in some office approving your apps. Everybody keeps talking about innovation,
digital India, but what’s the point? Just clap in front of pictures of Satya Nadella
and Sundar Pichai. We won’t get a Goyal or Bansal because of
licensing. Also, you want to rely on a babu for internet
knowledge? This is the average babu’s idea of internet
knowledge: Now the new generation that is coming, you only need a computer in that apart from which you connect it to a cloud and download all your softwares and documents. They haven’t been able to study yet, Manish
bro, during monsoon or storm, will there be aberrations? Amazing science So what can you do? It was pretty simple the last time, all you needed to do was get TRAI’s attention
by sending an email. This time they have moved the discussion to Even the government knows that is
tougher because you have to register to create an
account and then leave a comment. They are hoping that you get lazy and do not
leave a comment so that it looks like we the people do not care about net neutrality anymore. It is your job to prove them wrong. Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to remind the government that we still
care about real net neutrality. We need to hold the DoT accountable for internet
freedom, to be fair we trust the DoT guys, it’s not like these guys would pass an order that would ask ISPs to ban all the porn, right? That said, the government has been open to
suggestions and that is a great sign We keep talking about participatory democracy, and this is your chance to participate and help shape policy. REGISTER at right now and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send the government your
comments. This is important for two reasons- (a)They still haven’t finalised their policy, and your comments could help them shape policy
and (b)Honestly, this is the level of discourse
at the Net Neutrality forum on Right now That is an actual, for real comment. So we need your help, now for the difficult
part. Unfortunately, is only accepting
suggestions until the 15th of August, which means we have ONE DAY to make our voice
heard, One day to give the government comments. We know in twenty four hours it’s going
to be difficult but we need to reach out to as many people
as possible so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, and if you are wondering what you should say
to the government in these forums, here’s some stuff that you could say- Tell the government you want net neutrality,
and the real net neutrality, not the some watered down, compromised, telco-friendly definition. Tell the government that you do not want telcos
controlling what you access on the internet, and tell them they cannot charge differently for different websites. And tell them that you want access to all
of the internet, for all of the people, all of the time, and access to everything and not just some
select parts of the internet Tell them that you do not want licenses for
WhatsApp, Viber or any other app you use. We already left behind the license raj, there
is no way we can go back to that again, especially for the internet We know this is a lot of effort, and we know this is tougher than sending one
email but please do it and send your comments to
the government to show that you care, this is because they haven’t shaped policy
yet and if we lose net neutrality the way it is
today, we lose the entire internet the way it is
today. So please act like this is a Honey Singh video and share it with everybody you know so that way we can say Happy Internet Independence Day, India.

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  1. Luvai Darwajawala says:

    great guys
    If the people of India started thinking i don't think there is a long way for India being the next superpower but for that we need to spread awareness and for that you all are doing a great job.
    Keep ot up Guys

  2. Anurag Nimonkar says:

    lol not even 1M views in 2 months 😛

  3. Harshit Jain says:

    i think hamari government india ko china bana chahte hai..fu.k u gov.

  4. alphons john says:

    Hey …. what's the current situation….. has any policy been drafted yet that goes against our freedom for internet……. How can we gain knowledge of any such new policy brought into force

  5. Nikunj Bond says:

    I agree is gonna bite back the start up but the licensing voip call is In a way important.coz if that doesn't happen nd voip increases,the data charge or the call rates would are seeing in d perspective of customers.telecom hv a valid point that they create infrastructure,buy spectrum comply with so many authorities (trai) nd rules,while the voip services came like a boss with no restrictions or cost whatsoever.rply if u read dis with what you think @aib team

  6. Viral Videos says:

    2:28 are those boobs

  7. Subhadeep Das says:

    Dear AIB, you can make a video based on that buddha's comment on how cloud computing works!! LMAO!! And then what is going to happen during the monsoon. . Oh My!! 😛 😉

  8. Akshith Vijay Kumar says:

    Did we save the internet?

  9. entertainer says:

  10. shubham thakur says:

    Fuck AIB..Maa ki siri tumaahri

  11. nishantium says:

    so what is the situation right now….?


    फ्री में इन्टरनेट सबके लिए !! वाले नोटिफिकेशन पर जब आप क्लिक करेंगें तो पेज आपके सामने खुलेगा, जिसमे लिखा है की आप TRAI को मेल भेज रहे है जिसमे लिखा है कि आप फ्री बेसिक्स वाले इन्टरनेट को सपोर्ट करते है !

  13. Dheeraj Patidar says:

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  14. Inder Chauhan says:

    Dear AIB
    Wd you also be able to throw some light on Free Basic Internet?

  15. rob says:

    Facebook is fooling everyone with the concept of free basics. It is all against net neutrality. Is there anything we can do? Please do upload a video against shitty mark fukerburg and enlighten people. Keep up the good work AIB. Please do tell us if we can do something against all this. Thank you

  16. Bharath r kumar says:

    if you spend RS 15 For acess to limited websites and Rs 50 for unlimited acess it is violation of net neutrality.

    But but but.
    if you get certain basic services for free it is not a violation of net neutrality man.
    You are right that many people will go and acess this free service and what happens as a result is a loss to the telecom companies of India will lose its many customers.
    Big loss for many telecom guys. and they are the ones stopping this project to improve India .

    simply put, its Facebook vs telecom companies and telecom companies are stopping Facebook from doing this so that they don't lose their money.

  17. Bharath r kumar says:

    if you spend RS 15 For acess to limited websites and Rs 50 for unlimited acess it is violation of net neutrality.

    But but but.
    if you get certain basic services for free it is not a violation of net neutrality man.
    You are right that many people will go and acess this free service and what happens as a result is a loss to the telecom companies of India will lose its many customers.
    Big loss for many telecom guys. and they are the ones stopping this project to improve India .

    simply put, its Facebook vs telecom companies and telecom companies are stopping Facebook from doing this so that they don't lose their money.

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  23. Kikuli Kokuli says:

    By the way, does anyone think the government doesn't know that not having "real net neutrality" would be against every single goddamn citizen's will?

    Of course they do. But they're raping you with this shit anyway, which shows they most definitely don't give a flying fuck about you, your well-being, or what you want.

    Then we've got this "democracy" thing going on. It works like this:

    – 1) The government devises new legislation to loot & pillage you, or to advance tyranny.
    – 2) The masses are supposed to organize a grass-roots campaign to make lots of unhappy noises about #1.
    – 3) If the masses don't, then #1 gets passed and the masses kind of deserved it for not exercising their democratic um.. control over the government.

    And people still think democracy is great? It's great because "it's better than all the alternatives", right? Seriously, what the fuck? How can sane ordinary people believe governments see them as anything but cattle to be exploited?

    You know, there's an alternative to democracy that we haven't tried yet, and it's vastly better too! It's called: "Freedom", i.e. not having rulers!

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