Advice for designing a company website – with Webflow


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  1. Alex Craven says:

    Hey Charli, great video, lot's of ideas I got from it!

  2. Adrian Leonard Canning says:

    Really interesting and I think that I can hear it raining?

  3. Akın Özgen says:

    why you are look like laura crowe

  4. Alif Arya Wiranda says:

    my favorite!

  5. Melissa Claasen says:

    I'm not sure I caught the TV show reference. The office? Parks and Rec?

  6. Jessie C says:

    Something in the background is running a fan, a computer or what not, and I can hear it on the voice over. I just thought you'd like to know for future edits.
    I have no issue with it, but I thought I'd comment on it, in case you wanted to improve your video quality. 🙂

  7. Randolph Rijke says:

    Hi! Great video! Can I ask what tool you use to design the wireframe?

  8. Dogger1230 says:

    Another great informative and helpful video, Charli! You’re my favorite web developer channel! This helped a lot. Thanks!

  9. Joshua D Mugayi says:

    hmm webflow looks real interesting not much coding involved…gotta check it!!

  10. santanasg says:

    This is such an awesome video! I want to try webflow so bad for my own profesional page, so thanks for the tutorial/ tips! 🙂

  11. je vi says:

    Thanks for the new video Charli, stumbled upon your videos a few weeks ago. And they are already promoted to "Starting the day with a cup of coffee and a nice video", video's. Keep up the good work 🙂

  12. khandra Mayorga says:

    Thank you Marie . I work for Corporate America, and I cannot wait to become an in-house designer for my company. I love your style and listen to the podcast often. You and Femke rock !

  13. Arcode code says:

    charlie why you running ad for this video, you are already too good to miss. great channel

  14. Sarah Casey says:

    I LOVE your videos. In fact, I can hardly bare to watch other online tutorials because they all suck compared to your light yet informative videos. I have a request – can you pretty please do a video on InVision? I work remotely and think it could help my workflow. I am curious to hear how you use it and how you find it beneficial when collaborating on projects. And more Sketch! I am about to give it a try and love learning from you. Thank you! PS Your hair freaking rocks.

  15. Colin O'Kelly says:

    Very inspirational to build a web site, thankyou.

  16. Marcus Freitas says:

    Hi Charli, I recently found your channel and it's amazing!! I'm a brazilian graphic designer and I'm going to switch to webdesign because it has more oportunities and for me is very cool working with interactivity and digital aplications. I would like to know if you think that is a good area to work nowadays, because there is some tools to build websites without coding and many people are building their own websites using wix, wordpress or mobirise.

  17. Fritz Schnitzer says:

    Thank you! 🙂

  18. UXUi Ghanchekar says:

    Which tool you USE….for webflow

  19. Mo Mughal says:

    Hi Charlie, nice review. I have some serious questions and would appreciate some answers plz. I am currently seriously thinking of attending a few short but intensive in-class practical web design courses in Html, CSS, Javascript, Responsive Web Design. I am also thinking about attending after that a short WordPress in-class course. Then for the backend some short courses in PHP, Python, and SQL. But I am confused!!! My questions are;

    1- What about starting freelance web design for small local businesses using WEBFLOW? This is after a grounding in Html, CSS, and Javascript. Then studying how to use Webflow efficiently by way of their tutorials and the Webflow Masterclass by Ran Segall, and upgrades to get white-labeling. Then look for a few small local businesses that have bad quality websites or are not mobile responsive, then re-designs them using their logos and offers to sell them to them for a low but sensible price and ask for a small monthly fee to cover hosting, domain name if needed, maintenance and so forth. This would build up a nice small portfolio to showcase on the Freelance Web Design Website that is only just starting out, then advertise using social media and research for more local businesses. Then up the 1st payment price just a bit and give the same monthly package. Maybe later offer extras such as local lead packages. Any advice or tips or things to be wary of?

    2- For Webflow, do we need to know backend coding or is it all taken care of by Webflow?

    Thank you.

  20. Design build solution Web Technology says:

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  21. Jack Shimosa says:

    What happens to the form i.e where will the data be saved when the user fills in the form? @10:00

  22. Bazzy Bazon says:

    I presume you are British – English accent etc. You must, you have got to slowdown your speech delivery. More people have turned away from rapid fire word delivery because it becomes almost unintelligible and a bit too difficult to follow. Otherwise, a good presentation from another media guy. Go to

  23. Walter Kimaro says:

    1:30 I was so sure you were gonna say Dunder Mifflin😅

  24. Ertuğrul SAĞDIÇ says:

    Hey charli how can i find that opening song

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