Abella Danger Answers the Internet’s Weirdest Questions


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hey I’m Abella Danger and I’m here to
answer the Internet’s questions would you rather give up sex or porn for one
year I would rather I kind of isn’t it the same porn in sex I guess I guess I
would have to give up porn for one year because I like having sex in private a
little bit more shooting porn is really fun but okay but money is only in you it
can only give you so much happiness if you could make one movie character real
to date you who would it be I guess I would really love to date Tony Stark
like I’m obsessed with his character he’s just like such an asshole to like I
love it who is the hottest celebrity you think
you have a shot with if they got to know you I think Michael B Jordan for sure
he’s really hot and he’d be into me would you rather have ugly shoes are
ugly underwear for the rest of your life definitely ugly under underwear like I
love sneakers like I do not even like fuck with heels like sneakers are my
life and I wear like granny panties so that’s like already no I mean yeah no I
don’t but I don’t worry like I don’t really like pretty panties though like
it’s just like whatever like I don’t know like but sneakers it’s like my
obsession because eventually we’re all naked like that’s what matters you know
you’re you strip down to nothing would you rather be married to someone
extremely attractive or be extremely attractive I guess I would rather be
married to someone extremely attractive because I’d be like wow there’s such an
honor you’re like extremely attractive you’re married to me and I’m like not
attractive well then they’re gonna be like there must be something really
amazing she must be really good at sucking dick
they’re gonna just be wondering and that’s just gonna kill them you know
they’re gonna be dying with jealousy and love it would you rather a guy last 30
seconds or one hour actually rather a guy last 30 seconds
because I think it’s like the biggest compliment ever like I’ve had guys like
last like not even a minute and I’m like I love that like wow like I mean you
come really early like I kind of find it offensive if a guy takes a long time to
come and like what’s wrong with me it’s like would you rather be a bad kisser or
give bad head fuck this is so like hard because I’m really good at both I saw
guys are always like you give like the best blowjobs ever so book thug like no
I have to give up good kissing because they giving head is like an art form
like it’s so much fun I love it like that so I’m like completely bisexual
because I like both so much whoa a pig’s orgasm lasts for over 30
minutes a lion can have sex over 50 times per day which would you rather be
I would definitely rather be a pig because I always say the saddest part
about an orgasm is how short it lasts like I wish it lasted even like a minute
like the actual orgasm feeling so I would love for an orgasm to last 30
minutes I might pass out but what do you rather live in a world where everyone
but you is male or female this is so hard yeah this is so hard well this is
hard this is hard because I love my girlfriend so much but imagine like the
entire world like we would all get her period at the same time so I’m like fuck
like Amelia it’s like I’ll do it with all girls if all the girls are like
super hot and I would hide in my house when we all have our period do you think
there’s more porn stars or murders in the world someone that like does porn yeah no I don’t know I don’t know I
don’t know I think everyone can be a porn set that’s a great thing like make
like yeah she’s a porn sorry she’s fucking in the top 20 of pornhub like
you’re fucking porn sorry like you can be other things too like I’m a porn sir
but I model too like but you’re still points are like don’t forget what got
you there sweetie so yeah I think there’s more porn stars in the world
than murderers I mean over all of the time then I guess murders but like
currently fuck I don’t know this was really her question I really don’t know
how many murders there’s probably more there’s a lot of like amateur porn stars
like yeah there’s more porn sires we just you know that makes me happy
murderers aren’t cool starting today if you get ten thousand
dollars for every day you don’t master eight how many days could you go without
jerking off fuck that’s hard I don’t know I can only speak for myself and I
love masturbating so much so like you do it multiple times a day and so that’d be probably like two days then it would not
be worth it to me anymore I’ll just be like I need to do this I’ll be so angry
would you rather say on a cake and eat a dick or sit on a dick and eat a cake I
would rather sit on a cake and eat a dick but like you know like suck it
right not like eat it okay yeah yeah yeah
yeah I’d rather I’d rather I’d rather stood on the cake and eat a day because
I really like second answer we got through that what’s the weirdest thing
you have masturbated to fuck it was like anime porn and it was like a squid type
thing having sex with like an Asian girl it was like one of these things
I swear right after I had an orgasm I felt like so ashamed I was wrong with me
yeah I’m a Tsaritsa myself a lot actually well because I it’s like it’s
like if you make a sex tape right you obviously want to watch it again relive
it so it’s like me watching me sex tape and I’m like oh I came so hard there
that’s so hot yeah would you rather know when you’re going
to die or how you’re going to die they’re both kind of really morbid I
guess I would rather know when I’m going to die and not how because if I knew how
then I’d be crying trying to like prevent it but if I knew when then I
would just like live my life extra to the fullest
up until then who is the celebrity you most want to see in a sex tape damn so
many hot girls no no I like I’m not gonna voice this on a dude like I need
to see a girl uh I guess Scarlett Johansson was like I would love to see
her in a porno like she’s such a shapely bottom I feel like I have to she’s a
lady I have to talk I have to talk to her like she’s a lady would you rather
be an extremely good-looking paralyzed person or a hideous looking person that
can walk I mean I’d rather be a hideous looking person that can walk honestly
cuz I like walking come loudly every time you fart or fart
loudly every time you come I rather
loudly every time I fart honestly because I would just be fucking great
like you fart and then you come like both are such cool things to do would
you rather give the first 90% of a blowjob and not the last temp or the
last 10% yeah I would rather give the first 90% of a blow duck is like feeling
it grow in my mouth and like the beginning excitement like the Oh like
excitement like I don’t know it’s the first 90% well there’s so many questions
about scientific thinking music you

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  2. Sangeeta Bora says:

    If I stay around her it would be dangerous for her!

  3. Matthew Rg says:

    This vid gets weirder and weirder. They try n sneak some normal questions then give the most Pervy questions possible. Y’all guys need some fuking help, or to get laid possibly. Lonely weirdos Jesus christ

  4. OJ McClanahan says:

    I miss the way she looked a couple years ago. Miss the dark hair and the curves.

  5. Jewish jah says:

    LospollosTV > Michael B Jordan

  6. Another YouTube Account says:

    At the start of the video(and off and on throughout), her body language is that of a 10 year old.

  7. Vergil says:

    I love her video

  8. flame phoenix says:

    she so damn pretty

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  12. Klayziah Austell says:

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  13. 益Against says:

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  14. Cameron Black says:

    ATTENTION: THIS IS AN EMERGENCY MESSAGE TO ALL NO-FAP PARTICIPANTS – The above video displayed is highly likely to trigger urges and cravings for further pornography use. It is highly recommended to immediately leave this video to avoid a relapse.

  15. Daniel Zanier says:

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  16. Rabuda Gostosa says:


  17. Misfit Knives says:

    I think there's more pornstars than murderes in the world. If the human race was more into killing each other than fucking each other, it would've been shorter live.

  18. Paul McCloud says:

    'Be married to someone extremely attractive or be extremely attractive yourself.' That was an easy one, the extremely attractive spouse could divorce you the very next day. . Where as if your extremely attractive yourself, that's with you for life. 🙂

  19. Neej Life says:

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  29. Danny Arnold says:

    Every guy says this to every girl
    Your job is being fucked by random dudes

  30. Fahad the Random Guy says:

    The crew is really trying to be funny…
    They are trying to get head like those porn videos where the camera person or crew fks with the girl

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    Watching porn is wasting of time. I think real hero fucks not to watch porn

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    Kanye West has left the chat

  40. TheCs19871 says:

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    Today I learned that guys are not allowed to laugh at something an attractive girl says. Even though the exact same thing happens if you have a very attractive man, girls will laugh at anything he says. The jealousy/incel mentality in this comment section is next level!

  45. Serjohn says:

    a man that doesnt say to his woman that she gives the best bj ever,yes find me that if possible

  46. Baginda Mora says:

    "I like walking"

    Damn they thirsty as hell

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    she makes me wanna clear my throat

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    But damn that producer is thirsty a.f

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    No me
    Keep laughing maybe she'll get it

  62. Vasja Vidovič says:

    Every guy there is a huge simp

  63. Free Spirit says:

    Some really f.cked up questions.

    Millennials,.. huh ? 😋😎

  64. Soviet Reaper says:

    she legit sounded how i would have expected from a typical pornstar (dumb as hell,i think its from all the dick)

  65. Shonn The Ghost says:

    HAHAHA, She has seen too much, send the monsters.

  66. Jay Aargh says:

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    They must be killed..

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    no but this girl seems great open and down to earth..glad for it

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  89. Ass& Tiddies says:


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    these ain't the weirdest, these are the most predictable questions, what speaks poorly about people on the internet and people who chose them.

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    More pornstar answers. Joanna Angel and Missy Martinez would rock


    shaggy fresh got some meat for these sluts

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    “Bella talks about MB jordan


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    I actually didn’t know who she was. I had to look her up

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