A Phone Made the Google Way | Introducing Google Pixel 4


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100 Replies to “A Phone Made the Google Way | Introducing Google Pixel 4”

  1. J1ASON AL1EX says:


  2. kent valdez says:

    should just delete this video.. the ad is literally everywhere and plays so damn frequent

  3. Zayd Yassine says:

    Love it

  4. High Bow Puffin 64 says:

    Who else is sick and tired of this shit lol

  5. Geronimo Junior says:

    I would punch the singer in the throat

  6. Zacoman222 says:

    I would rather listen to Goodbye my Coney Island baby than another second of this s*itty ad and that ESPECIALLY s*itty song

  7. Trippey D says:

    “I want it so bad” that’s what she said

  8. wave36 rule says:

    keep your trash ads off my phone and delete this video

  9. Brandon Zeidan says:

    Dear Youtube, do us a favour and QUIT SPAMMING US WITH THIS ANNOYING ADVERTISEMENT! Thank you

  10. LOGIC IS LIFE says:

    This ad is so unbelievably bad and annoying that it actually hurts. Who would even buy this garbage. What’s so special about it?! Oh wait…


  11. Chris Halliday says:

    My suicide note will solely blame this ad.

  12. Suren Papanyan says:

    To cancel unlimited "GOOGLE PHOTO" CLOUD for Pixel owners-IS one of the MOST STUPID DECISION GOOGLE EVER DID! Return UNLIMITED GOOGLE PHOTO CLOUD for Pixel phone owners !

  13. priyanshu sherke says:

    Google is Google no one can take place of google

  14. Festive Nights says:

    Dislike this to oblivion

  15. Anyssa O’Steen says:

    When my baby is cranky and crying uncontrollably this is the only thing that makes her stop

  16. HolyAarom says:

    the shorter 5 second ad showed up on a video about grim and controversial subjects


  17. s0ftsp0t the wise says:

    Why can't we see the view counter?


    arriba tiene un marco mas grande que el de abajo?
    pero que kaka

  19. Kalki Veera says:

    Dear Google, please make the next Pixel 5 variant with Dual sim (Dual physical SIM or Dual eSIM mode)

  20. Unexpected Viewer says:

    OK Google, tell Melbourne Central to pause this song.

  21. unknown on grind says:

    Wow I'm the only one that likes the music , I can tell by the comment section

  22. Desolo Zantas says:

    You guess should make a interchangeable lens Mirrorless Android like how Samsung Galaxy NX Camera did with the everything pixel 4 has. I would bet you a billion dollars you would own the Camera Industry

  23. AqFad Productions says:

    For me, they dosent put an ad for my country. And the song is not that bad. Then why there's is less dislike than like? You guys are just mean

  24. MarcusBRASIL says:

    The full Google logo feels thinner

  25. Moon - Roblox & more! says:

    Shut up google. No one likes u. Stop copying apple. Dum idiots.

  26. delive taty says:


  27. Christ Space says:

    Google please never release an ad with music like this ever again! PLEASE!!!

  28. XxdemonKittyxX says:

    If I see this add one more time I swear I’m gonna kill someone

  29. Rhedius33 says:

    I normally don't care about ads but….. Google realizes I'm using the phone there fucking advertising right????

    Like I know your asses are watching my every move at anytime and y'all don't know I'm using a pixel 4 like come on

  30. Fakefirstname Fakelastname says:

    Apple: releases iPhone 11

  31. Fakefirstname Fakelastname says:

    The “so bad” in the deep voice is a subliminal message saying that the phone is bad

  32. Fakefirstname Fakelastname says:

    Yes, bot you didn’t even make YouTube. You bought it.

  33. Henrique Araújo says:

    Google você sabe o meu nome

  34. Rajbir Kaur says:

    So your saying I can find black people easier with your google pixel camera

  35. youngblood23rb says:

    I will never buy this phone! Just because of this annoying ass ad!

  36. Mr. Sinnlos says:

    Why is the battery so weak?

  37. Anthony Jabbari says:

    I hate this song. It makes me violent

  38. IamNotYourMate says:

    No view count?

  39. mark arnold says:

    because of you're fuckin ads, I will never buy this product and urge my friends to do the same.

  40. APexists says:

    ok everyone is talking about how the song sucks but… HANGOUTS ISN’T DYING SO LIKE YEAAAAAA

  41. Shawn Smallwood says:

    Sounded like spongebob talking at first.

  42. Unsheathed says:

    This ad is fuckin annoying

  43. Connor Mitchell says:

    Get a new commercial. Every time I watch NFL I hear this song, it’s very annoying….. 😡

  44. LOUIE EDDIE says:

    First it was the Didi Ad few months ago & now this. I hope they stop Spamming this Unskipable ad & interrupting our videos!

  45. DeadByDaylightGod says:

    I fixed the ad…

  46. tech128 Video Tutorials says:


    bad song

  47. Kevin Zhang says:

    Copycat for iPhone 11 so stop giving us that ad for the living god

  48. cyniacl says:

    i hate this ad stop playing it i hate it so much

  49. Guest b says:

    Favorite commercial #google #iphonesucks #nohate #pixel

  50. Ultra Slayer gaming says:

    When ever I hear got that sunshine ever again I am going to grab my phone and make phone war 1

  51. Mr. Sinnlos says:

    I like the pixel 4 but this song is cancer. Who thought this song was a good idea?

  52. Natalia Alieno says:

    Hola necesito que en google play pongan el nuevo five nights at freddi's:ar especial delivery please gracis

  53. Natalia Alieno says:

    Si es que se encargan de eso porque no se quienes son los creadores de play store

  54. Potatomanツ says:


  55. Potatomanツ says:

    A phone made the apple way

  56. dio durant says:

    Phone made by Google

    Designed by Apple in California

  57. Stein Franken says:

    What's the name of this song? Sounds so great😂

  58. Mike Shaw Jr. says:

    This song makes me immediately mute my tv, let alone never want to buy the phone.

  59. Hypnotic Turtle says:

    We get it, google pixel 4 isn’t selling as well but that doesn’t mean you need to force this dumb ad down our throats constantly

  60. Adam Noone says:

    The animation in this ad is incredible

  61. Menames Fuff says:

    Can I at least have the choice to skip it?

    No? Can you make it shorter?

    Can you do ANYTHING?!

  62. P.I.N. Pictures Cinematica says:

    If this ad plays one more fucking time I swear to fuckn Christ I’ll skin your asses like pigs

  63. SkitZita says:

    This phone looks a little familiar

  64. MOTHER PEARL says:

    Stop playing this stupid ad

  65. Kyle Heisler says:

    This ad makes me want to die. The song and everything

  66. LukeWarmth says:

    In Canada the commercial is even worse

  67. Claudio Andrei says:

    Stop advertising this to me. I know you got analytics, you know i got an iphone 11, why would i switch to this? Gtfo

  68. Jadie A says:

    I hate this ad more than any other ad I have ever encountered. It is absolutely horrendous. Like broken glass in my ears. Stop it.

  69. Slim Bro says:

    friend: thoughts on the song used?
    me: 0:26

  70. Vipul Deshmukh says:

    Where Are The Views
    *Google Can Do Anything 😅🤦🏻‍♂️👏🏻

  71. shein killer says:

    Every time to play video,this song come and come again..I agree with u sir…this is u platform..nice ever song..done smash dislike button, thanks very much..

  72. RandomTuber420 says:

    Looks like a rip off of the Samsung Galaxy s8 at front

  73. Muji Huz says:

    Fuck you google

  74. mr zapper dapper says:

    This mixed with stadia will be delicious

  75. Alex Laurent says:

    You made me hate this song

  76. Boketo says:

    stop spamming this ad i see it on every video. it just makes me hate the phone

  77. dear dakota says:

    I am hopping i get this for Christmas

  78. a 20 year old woman with your new car says:

    everytime i see this damn phone, my dick shrivels up every. SINGLE. FUCKING. TIME

  79. Gabriele Rodriguez says:

    In this official trailer in 30 seconds

  80. sit and dontwatch says:

    I feel like Google tries to make a identical phone to every apple phone

  81. Nick Rivers says:

    The wig they put on that girl has a bad haircut, you’d think they could afford something better 🤦🏼‍♂️

  82. e says:

    i hate those google assistant ads so much cause they always activate the assistant on my phone. this ad along with the chromebook that has netflix offline always play too and they're annoying as hell

  83. immaBIGBRAINman 1 says:

    I wanted to look this ad up by itself so I could dislike it, because its ANNOYING. This song is terrible and makes contimplate suicide

  84. Aziz Al Sager says:

    Well done on this beautiful device 👌

  85. The Oof Man says:


  86. Steggy The Peg says:

    Jesus fucking Christ everytime I want to watch a video, this ad with the cringey music comes up. This has gotten so annoying man, please fucking stop!

  87. Pastel Bunny says:

    I swear as soon as they see apples new phone, they wanna make the same one but 5% different

  88. قناة فريق رياض الصالحين says:

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  89. Michael Vuong says:

    I’m using this ad to irritate people everytime I accidently stumble into this, having the Google Pixel 4 ad into existence is so much fun, isn’t it?

  90. JBL Nexus says:

    damn people really hate this lol

  91. Speed Runner Gaming says:

    This shit literally comes up every time I go to a video… ok YouTube I watched it… happy now?

  92. Ashley Hernandez says:


  93. Scramified says:

    Everyone that is mad at this ad report it for misleading! 😉

  94. The Evil Spider-Man says:

    I’m not buying your stupid fucking phone anymore since you kept spamming it in ads

  95. salma mercedes says:


  96. nekocontagious says:

    If I hear this one more time I'm going to shoot myself

  97. Half u says:

    ngl the only reason why I tolerate this ad is cus of this song

  98. poohandtigger videosinc says:

    Welp- gonna look forward to seeing this every five minutes for the next month

  99. Niny says:

    Is it only me who actually likes the song?

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