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10 Creepiest Websites 10. Rent-a-Hitman Using encrypted we browsers, hundreds of hit-men
offer their services to kill people in bespoke methods entirely of your choosing: $50 for every broken bone, $350 for a light
shake down, and at least $20,000 for an assassination. Murder options include ‘natural causes’,
‘unfortunate accident’, ‘evening assault’, and ‘classic hit’. Payment is usually accepted in Bitcoin, the
deep web’s untraceable currency. But some of these companies do have morals:
no children under 16, and no top 10 politicians. 9. Plane Crash Info ‘Planecrashinfo’ is a collection of voice
recordings and transcripts from the most devastating and renowned plane crashes since the 1960s. Receiving 65,000 visitors every month, its
most famous attraction is the 9/11 terrorist attack. The 2001 transcript of United Airlines’
flight 93 is documented from the moment Al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked the plane before crashing
into a Pennsylvanian field, killing all on-board. The last words of pilots include “”We’re finished””,
“”We’re going down”” and “”Mountains!”” 8. Creepypasta Creepypasta is home to the scariest ghost
stories online, receiving over 610,000 monthly visits. Slenderman is their most notorious child-napping
legend, thanks to the real crimes he has inspired. In 2014 two 12-year-olds killed a classmate
by stabbing her 19 times. That same year, another creepypasta fan set her family’s
house on fire while her mother and brother slept inside. Both cases were found to have
been influenced by the internet meme. The character has also been linked to a spike
in US teen suicides. 7. IRL Cannibals Begun in 1994 the Cannibal Cafe was an online
forum serving those looking for like-minded people they could eat or be eaten by. Serving those with a fetish for human flesh,
users could specify their preference by body size, height and hair color. As well as offering cooking methods, threads
included adverts selling frozen human meat. The site closed in 2002 after a German man
was arrested for killing and eating another man. 6. Gore websites Known as ‘hurtcore’, gore websites post
graphic photos and videos of gruesome and often fatal injuries under the guise of providing
uncensored news. Receiving up to 700,000 visitors every month,
features range from animal abuse to gruesome close ups of diseased skin. One site ran a
‘special’ theme week featuring images of deceased infants. Titles also include, ‘Meat Grinder: very
unfortunate kitchen mishap’, and ‘Couple killed in bear attack’. Ouch. 5. Suicide guide The internet is awash with ‘how-to guides’
to assist the 50,000 people who Google for suicide tips every month. Outlining effective ways to commit suicide,
they list pros and cons to each method, as well as giving the odds for the likelihood
of death. The pain level of death by train collision, cyanide and other options are also
provided, alongside length of time until death. Some websites are especially exploitative,
advertising suicide guides to depressed customers that cost at least $20. 4. Shaye Saint John According to internet legend, the fictional
character of Shaye Saint John was a disfigured supermodel rebuilt with mannequin parts and
subject to CIA mind-control experiments. With juddery editing, sinister music and terrifying
masks, Shaye has creeped us out for seven years, before her creator Eric Fournier died
in 2010. The site’s lo-fi, poor design, and bizarre
humor has attracted a huge cult fan base. Despite there being no updates since Fournier’s
death, the site still receives at least 55,000 visits each month. 3. Pro Ana 70 million people worldwide suffer from an
eating disorder, two thirds of whom visit support forums like Pro Ana. But rather than advise sufferers of a cure,
so-called ‘thinspiration’ sites promote anorexic and bulimic lifestyles. They offer tips on
crash dieting, and advise how to hide sudden weight loss from parents. Today, one of the largest Pro Ana websites
has over 65,000 visits a month and over 1.5 million posts. Left untreated, up to 20% of anorexia sufferers
will die from their disease, which ultimately causes organ failure. 2. Human Leather Humanleather.co.uk does what it says on the
tin, providing bespoke products created from body matter. Acquired from the corpses of those who have
donated their bodies, skin taken from the back and torso is crafted into belts, wallets
and shoes, which can cost up to $27,000. Shocking as this might be, the company asserts
that what they are doing is perfectly legal. In fact, human leather has been used for centuries,
with skin often used in 17th century bookbinding. 1. 01. Surveillance Sites
Websites like Opentopia and Insecam allow users to spy on other people through webcams. Users are able to watch kids play in kindergarten,
see traffic accidents happen in real time, and even spy into peoples’ homes. The sites
claim that the webcams are not hacked, just unsecured. However, Insecam has used hacked cameras in
the past, showing images of sleeping babies, gyms, and families at home. One woman has
even claimed that hackers turned on her webcam whenever she took a bath. These feeds are often shown with the exact
coordinates of the location of the camera.

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    I'd like to know what human meat taste like, but I would only want to taste myself in that case. That makes it all okay, right?????

  2. EmirSha says:

    how about 2 girl 1 cup

  3. CreepyAtTheDiscoToBattle !! says:

    CreepyPastas are cool tho, most of them

  4. Jay 100 says:

    A human that eats another human aren't human they are
    monsters from they are born 😵😨

  5. Simple Developer says:

    i entered the DEEP WEB and there isn't scary very scary stuff it's obviously FAKE i will tell you why first the drugs they cannot get the drugs second the guns they cannot come to you from onther country because there is police XRAYS and many more stuff off shipmments they ALL JUST FAKE KIDS CREATES WEBSITE AND THEY SAY THEY ARE HACKER BUT THEY ARE SCRIPT KIDDIES COPY AND PASTE

  6. Siddharth Singh says:

    this is our humanity…… fuck up

  7. letsdothisshiat says:

    No top 10 politicians what a pussy move who's gonna help me kill Hillary and trump

  8. Zachary C. says:

    The two 14 yr old girls that stabbed their friend in the woods for "slender man" didnt kill her, she survived. Js.

  9. Butch Cassidy says:

    Most of these sites are down nowadays. Old video, need to update with valid current links.

  10. Autumn. Stars says:

    I used suicide guides so much and they never fucking help

  11. Rebeka Nickell says:

    they didn't kill her, she survived. @Slender man piece.

  12. Dabulous says:

    slender man is an internet meme?

  13. SR Brant says:

    The SCP Foundation. That is all.

  14. Bleary Vision says:

    Number 8: the stab wounds never killed the person tho…

  15. dhillont2016 makes stuff says:

    Pro ana I NEED HEALING

  16. I'm triggered says:

    Oooh.. Thats why my friend didn't want me to google "gore" and look at the images.. Basically gore means something else in my language and my friend was doing some project or something..

  17. TheLastJammer says:

    I was on Human leather already 😀 #DarknetWhore

  18. Silver Skel says:

    Wrong, the 12-year-old fans nearly killed their classmate

  19. Silver Skel says:

    Smh the SCP Foundation isn’t here

  20. Louis Vantomme says:


  21. Tony rinaldo says:

    The two twelve year olds didn’t actually succeed in killing that class mate. #False news

  22. Kiana Paula says:

    Why is creepypasta scary


  23. pennypay1 says:

    I've checked out a few of the pro-ana (out of curiosity only) and creepypasta (which doesn't even really belong on this list, as so many other crimes were believed to have been provoked by violent video games, death metal, etc.). The cannibal thing is revolting, and it bothers me that so many people are desensitized to graphic images on these hurtcore sites.

  24. Purple Froster says:

    What the hell is wrong with humanity

  25. RedWine99 says:

    I'm fab-u-lous 💅. waittttttttttt ahhhhhhh last year I had an eatingdisorder and know all the tips and tricks yea boiiii

  26. toasty cookie 69 says:

    *insert ice cream *

  27. Rick Sanchez c137 says:

    I want to know how to get a human leather item.. I would just love to own something made out of human skin aka wallet shoes vest whatever

  28. jáme fetcha says:

    this is shocking

  29. K3NNY O says:

    that camera shit…. ain't cool. so they can "hack" your pc cam too???

  30. Dumdum Bubblegum says:

    the girl who was stabbed 19 times wasn't killed. She survived.

  31. Jonathan Joestar says:

    "8. Creepypasta"
    This better be a joke.

  32. The Snuggler says:

    Shaye St. John is an awesome site.

  33. SilverOwl13 says:

    The girl in the Slenderman case didn't die. She dragged herself onto a bike path where a cyclist found her and got her some help

  34. Jon Haugland says:

    1:43 I live in Minnesota, next to Wisconsin. The two girls DIDN'T KILL their friend. The miraculously survived thanks to a bicyclist passing through the woods.

  35. Dominique Harris says:

    This is crazy people need help

  36. James Vaughan says:

    False Advertising! I expected "Gore websites" to be Al Gore fan sites!

  37. Sugar Frenchie says:

    I went to every site, my favourite was probably hire-a-hitman. Though I did have to go to the dark web.

  38. AGS 15 says:

    Right, I’m gonna watch this video then search up 10 websites

  39. Aesthetic God says:

    The two 12-year-olds didnt kill their classmate. The girl survived due to her being found by a passing cyclist

  40. Sophistafunk says:

    The peaceful pill handbook is pretty good for tips and its free

  41. Gake Jaskin says:

    The girl who was stabbed 19 times didn't die btw, she recovered just fine

  42. Robert Turner says:

    why do we have such sick people

  43. Queen Bitch says:

    You fucking idiot got the story about the slenderman shit sooo wrong….She wasn't murdered she survived

  44. Fahad Vakarian says:

    DISTURBING sites

  45. Mystery Man says:

    First off, the SCP Wiki is way better than Creepypasta. Secondly, I don't think either of these things fit with the rest of the list

  46. Viper Vampire says:

    Dang, I’m in love with Creepypasta but I would never kill someone because of it

  47. The Great Demon says:

    The two 12 year old girls didn’t kill their classmate. They attempted to do so, but their classmate miraculously survived.

  48. L. Knight says:

    Uhhh… no. The victom in the Slender Man Stabbing, Payton Leutner, survived after 6 days in the hospital. She lived, so those little cunts didn't "kill" her.

  49. [GD] GPAC60 says:

    1:46 they did stab her 19 times but she survived

  50. John North says:

    Lol, "morals"

  51. Maxie says:

    The two 12 y.o who stabbed their friend, she survived and they were prosecuted.

  52. Your Mom says:

    1:46 Actually, the victim of the stabbing didn’t die, but did suffer major injuries.

  53. Chris Schroeder says:

    The victim of her two 12 year old friends inspired by Slenderman… survived

  54. WithMercyAforethought says:

    i remember the process on the Far West side; was only 200 vs 20000; but i date myself

  55. KillSpy says:

    i love creepypasta

  56. Ann Sears says:

    eating human meat is pretty unhealthy

  57. Jennifer Shelley says:

    I spend most of my internet time reading SanSan fan fic, not looking for Gore websites or a human skin handbag! I'm so boring :/

  58. astatine says:

    1:55 the girl didn’t die. Please correct this.

  59. Aquarity says:

    Creepypastas are cool though. I enjoy them

  60. Thiefgamer says:

    girl survived the slender attack she didnt die

  61. Spermy the Nick Cur says:

    Why isn't 4chan's /trash/ board on here?

  62. Jaggy Boyz says:

    Number 7 was messed the fuck up

  63. Jordan Petty says:

    The slender man girl survived

  64. Needscreen says:

    The victim of the slenderman stabbings didn't die.

  65. Morgan Galli says:

    So they don't know they're being watched?

  66. Dan McCloskey says:

    Just stating. The two twelve year olds didn't kill the girl. They stabbed her up, sure but she managed to find her way to a highway, eventually a hospital and the two young assailants were thankfully arrested for their utter stupidity.

  67. K says:

    A hit man that refuses to eliminate top politicians????….. what use is he then?

  68. Lexa Cambridge says:

    in the "slenderman told us to" crime, the girl who was stabbed 19 times, she survived the stabbing.

  69. Max A says:

    That slender man girl wasn’t killed

  70. Must Love Cats says:

    Human taxidermy? I see nothing wrong with that.

  71. Mr.Happy89 says:

    FYI bitcoin can be traced …

  72. Nathan Chung says:

    The girl who got stabbed by the 2 other girls because of Slenderman did not die. She's well and alive.

  73. Duck says:

    The girl who was stabbed didn't die

  74. Swetzie says:

    People who die donate their organs, including the skin.

    These guys sell it for $27,000.

    Really legal, assholes.

  75. Zoe Tremain-Woodcock says:

    In 2014
    The 12 year old survived the stabbing.

  76. Mopps O'Drummonkey says:

    The girl who was stabbed by her friends in the slender man case, actually survived….she was able to get away and get help

  77. Knight And SpaceShip says:

    The thumbnail looks like a crawler from CoD zombies series with a black suit xD

  78. Angel Agnetha says:

    This makes me sick!! Why would you encourage people to commit suicide?

  79. Lakisha Edwards says:

    I hate this planet


    The Slenderman stabbing victim survived. A cute little kid. So were her attackers, though. Either way, you should feel better

  81. Haily Valdez says:

    creepypasta is my life i know them all by heart well some of them XD

  82. TheLuckystar 10 says:

    Are these just dark web websites

  83. TheLuckystar 10 says:

    Oh come on creepy pasta is not that bad

  84. Alternative account of Clorox-san says:

    I thought pro ana was a website for very skilled Ana mains

  85. Burning Elmo says:

    I knew half of these from Shane

  86. correypeta says:

    Damn it, I got here from watching the scariest things in the universe! Now I gotta listen to human handbags and suicide sites? Damn you, Youtube!!! I'm going to go watch mangoworms now.

  87. Jose van wersch says:

    911 is a HOAX.

  88. Sasha Benitez says:

    Am I the only one who extremely curious of the dark web and do a shit tone of research but dare not to go on it??

  89. I_haz_a_tumor says:

    That’s hott

  90. Robbie Patrick says:

    3:48 I'm not paying 20 bucks just to know how to top myself.

  91. jose garza says:


  92. Camryn Murawski says:

    4:37 i wish my body looked like that, it's perfect

  93. hanfas c says:

    hmm yammeeeeeee!!!!!!

  94. Reenturd says:

    The girl that got stabbed 19 times actually survived

  95. Hobostarr180 says:

    The suicide guide is so fucked up. Whoever the fuck made that needs to be shut down and/or prosecuted if their bullshit lead to anyone actually dying. That shit's not a fucking joke.

  96. Tom Daniel says:

    Belle delphines patreon

  97. nvsbl2 says:

    Almost all hitman sites are fake, but they'll sure take your money

  98. Nicholas Sudov says:

    Aren't people tired peering at 9/11 footage? … A lot of apes with grenades and the rest are so mentally limited that they love to watch grenade-armed ones… Ew…

  99. Brenda Ziviello-Howell says:

    (every single british on here pronouncing creepypasta) C R E EPY PaaAST A

  100. David Mayberry says:

    The slenderman stabbing victim lived.

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