1-800-GOOG-411: Google’s 411 service


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BRIAN: Hi. My name is Brian. I’m a voice researcher
here at Google. I’m here to tell you
about Goog-411, Google’s new 411 service. It’s totally free, it’s
real easy to use. Call 1-800-GOOG-411. That’s 1-800-4664-411. So you say where you are. GOOG-411 OPERATOR: What
city and state? BRIAN: Mountain View,
California. You could also type
in a zip code. And then you say what
you’re looking for. GOOG-411 OPERATOR: What business
name or category? BRIAN: Pizza delivery. GOOG-411 OPERATOR:
Number one– BRIAN: Choose the
one you want. GOOG-411 OPERATOR: Danny’s
Fast Pizza. BRIAN: Number one. And Goog-411 will connect you. GOOG-411 OPERATOR: Connecting. BRIAN: Yep, I’d like the
pizza delivered. Yep, thanks. It’s really simple. It’s totally free. Ah, these guys are
really good. And if you call GOOG-411 from
your cell phone, you can also say “text message,” and GOOG-411
will send you a text message with information about
the business you’ve selected. If your phone has internet, you
can also say “map it,” and we’ll send you a map of the neighborhood around the business. And this is the GOOG-411 team. One of them is the
voice of Google. Can you guess which one? MALE SPEAKER: Soon, we will
reveal the secret identity of the voice behind GOOG-411. In the meantime, you might want
to pick up the phone and see if you can match the voice
with the correct team member.

100 Replies to “1-800-GOOG-411: Google’s 411 service”

  1. CommanderNConqueror says:

    yes it is

  2. DarkNessBear says:

    One of them is the worst global! Can you guess which one? Lol @ captions

  3. spiehler says:

    Good service, but FYI-The town of Suwanee, GA is pronounced like:
    Goog-411 mangles it as

  4. j.j toomey says:

    Yada Yada Yada
    How great is this

  5. D T says:

    My guess is Vivian Leung.
    Just joking, she's sweet!!

  6. Onawawgirl says:

    It would be great to have this service in Canada.

  7. Onawawgirl says:

    When is this service coming to Canada?

  8. Tez Dread says:

    doesn't seem to work in the UK…

  9. Smeargle says:

    youtube sucks now with the new downdates..

  10. coondogtheman1234 says:

    will this service work on skype for the PC or Sony PSP and is it free to make calls this way?

  11. Lisa Diersen says:

    Thank you!!!!!
    Love it!!!!

  12. BXR11 says:

    luv google
    but there taking over the world!!!

  13. Sancria says:

    Wow, all I can say is very useful 🙂

  14. Justin Hollaway says:

    This is great…

  15. Cody Weidner says:


  16. skybirdbird says:

    great ….now google can know what you are doing even when you're not on the computer…:-(

  17. thailandretirement says:

    I like it

  18. mistymi says:

    Too bad it is only for businesses!

  19. Emile Roemer says:

    I like it that most of the services from Google are free! That's what I call a customer-friendly company.

  20. Ivan Pokenoob Moondistortion says:

    Great for pranks… Im just saying

  21. moscreations says:

    Great service however I live in Quebec which is mostly French, although I am English when I give the instructions for a French city name it doesn't understand and it takes too much time to do this, your computer finally gives up trying, so it needs to be refined in that respect. But I love the idea of it. Thanks Google!

  22. Technology Trainer says:

    it's jonathan

  23. Wayne Infinity says:

    thumbs up if you like this video

  24. Rebel Stang says:


  25. atomikrobot300099 says:

    I use this service all the time (from day one)! Saves me loads of time and effort! Absolutely love it, works 100% perfectly! Keep up the amazing work!

  26. parevek says:

    Mike Cohen is the voice behind 1-800-466-4411

  27. Peter Woelper says:

    Awesome! Thanks!

  28. oneoleqt says:

    i think it is janathan matus

  29. ibodner says:

    866-free-411 is faster and better

  30. Sai Simonson says:

    Video is good, but when or when will you write the software for the Jawbone Icon to
    use voice on the Droid. We, in Oregon, must not text or touch the phone while driving. All my other phones have been able to use voice from the headset.

    PLEASE write this software, it will save lives and fines.

    Sai Simonson

  31. punxxi says:

    this is great

  32. L Gra- says:

    BUT this is for BUSINESSES ONLY! For number of individuals, you can call 1-800-373-3411 on your cell phone for Free 411. You'll have to listen to a short commercial before getting your number, but it's still better than $1.75 and up – the current cell phone charge for 411 calls.

  33. rbbartho says:

    FEDERAL WAY, WA ( 98023, 98003) DOES NOT COMPUTE Google 411.

    Please tweak it.

    I love the service.


  34. rbbartho says:

    Who do we complain to when we see a flaw in Google 411 ?

  35. Phuc Le says:

    @ 0:50 Was that pizza free? Holy crap! What business is that? Hook me up with that number!

  36. kyle0440 says:

    I called from my cell, phone, said text it, and it said i have to be calling from a mobile phone 😐

  37. DJ Johnson says:

    Great service…THANKS

  38. Yves Jean Barbichon says:

    Une version française existe-t-elle?

  39. Chris Torio says:

    @MrHappyface lol ^_^

  40. TheQuark6789 says:

    I wonder how many takes it took to get the countdown right at 0:48.

  41. Solo says:

    How is this free? I don't understand how google provides so much awesomeness for so little in return…

  42. Eyder Borges says:

    Does it work in Brazil? if it doesn't, when we can use this service here?

  43. mamemu28 says:

    Ironical that the automatical closed captions are fucking terrible on this video.

  44. Kev Bloom says:

    LOVE IT!

  45. Jeff Lafitte says:

    I never get the text. It'll prompt you to ask for details, then prompt for a text message, but I never get them. Cool service though!!

  46. Matthew Sutherland says:

    Great Service! Use it all the time.


    ramp it up and offer services like TELLME.

    i've been using tellme for well over 5 years and i know you guys could do better.

    nice thing about mobile search is it can be done on the fly.

    when traveling long distances in bad weather call 50 miles ahead and ask for current conditions there, this way, you'll always know what you're driving into.

  48. Reza Zarin says:

    Is this service only for USA? or we can use it in the UK too ?

  49. Paula Masterman says:

    What a great service and I love the video instructions ~ easy to remember and lighthearted….great for my novice-tech-self ~

  50. Stevan R. Grimes says:

    The Voice of GOOG is Bill Byrne..at least that's my Guess!

  51. Senator107 says:

    I was very excited about using this Google service. I tried calling United Airlines, but I got New Zealand Airlines instead. Well, I'm happy I did get some type of airline and I'm sure they fly places.

  52. uncool sticcboi says:

    I would call tghem and ask ifthey know when i farted last… Yeah!

  53. cybershadowX says:


    thats what we are doing right now!! lol

  54. Alexandre Santos says:

    My guess: Mike Schuster
    Can I suggest another command along with TEXT and MAP IT?
    ADD TO MY CONTACTS: which would add the business to my Google contacts if I am using an Android phone.

  55. evokss1 says:

    is this only for usa??

  56. landreezy says:

    wow, this is amazing, GREAT JOB GUYS!!

  57. Lennon Emmanuel says:

    that took a lot of cueing to get the countdown on spot.. and dude brian is the voice behind google-411

  58. merryfromhalo says:

    it costs some time

  59. Adam Ottovordemgentschenfelde says:

    @windnoob lol yes soo true : P

  60. WenOne says:

    Google friggin' ROCKS!! I love you guys!

  61. dmidc says:

    10 bucks says it's Mike Cohen

  62. Kevin Peavler says:

    @EngelXDamonXMensch its called a phone book

  63. Atheist Inspirations says:

    Awesome service!

  64. Rex Foley says:

    This is free and pretty cool!

  65. Rex Foley says:

    This Google service is FREE!

  66. 666alberto says:

    Just for america I suppose? ? ? please Replay

  67. Arlene Wright-Correll says:

    I am so low tech it is sinful… but I used this and it works… Thank you so much google and the google team.

  68. Arlene Wright-Correll says:

    I am so low tech it is sinful… but I used this and it works… Thank you so much google and the google team.

  69. kings355 says:

    @666alberto the google service is in canada too if you live there

  70. pizzadude808 says:

    They are closing it in november… D:

  71. PilotVBall says:

    Sad to hear that as of November 11 this service will no longer be available.

  72. Coot Master says:

    goog 411 closes on 12th FRI goodbye goog halo bing 411

  73. haywoodbadman10 says:

    so long goog-411 you got me through many great days at high school! and u will be a sorely missed :(, me and a whole lot of my friends are going to give you a proper send off later :'). R.I.P GOOG-411 :'( though soon you will be gone, your voice will never be forgotten 🙁

  74. Hunter Mann says:

    Thanks for the years of this great service!
    I hope to hear that voice again say "Starting over. Which city?"

  75. Michael Lewis says:

    I really do miss this service I told as many people as I could to use it instead of calling 411.. (they never understood why) However using a android phone now it's still the same.. like a local pizza place I said the name and it showed the address and phone number under the google search.. pressed the phone number and it connected me.

    I did add the bing number but I still missed Goog 411 and I miss when it said "calls provided by level 3 communications"

  76. houshidar558 says:

    i cant compare the voices cause it got shut down >:I

  77. Xero3g says:

    I miss the evil whisperings in the background…

  78. JAMamation says:

    PRANK CALLS! nuff said.

    R.I.P. 411

  79. jaymajik says:

    Wow a razr really I don't think Mister android man wont be pleased

  80. glen says:

    omg all i have to do is call goog-411 to order my pizza and get it for free?

  81. Savagekillr says:

    its sergey

  82. Leland Raymond, lll says:


  83. PurpPhairoh says:

    I miss goog 411. Bing 411 Is going away too.

  84. knightseekin1gal says:

    As of June 2012 the following number will STOP offering free 411 service:

  85. kllyjrd says:

    I really miss this service google 411 is dead, and Bing 411 is dead as well, here is a toll free number free 411 number to call It is very similar to GOOG-411 with no advertisements 888-247-2425. It has the same software as Bing 411, good luck to everyone.

  86. toysareforboys says:

    888-247-2425 also doesn't work 🙁

  87. leo nieves says:


  88. sabet65920 says:


  89. Yu Jing T says:

    lol, sounds awesome

  90. MilkCap says:

    Sends me to a Las Vegas vacation scam.

  91. Daniel Leiva says:

    This number does not work call 1800free411 that's 18003733411

  92. YouLoveMrFriendly says:

    wow, white guys working at Google???

  93. F0X_H0UND says:

    Wow what an outstanding thing they've created here. Can't wait for this to come out so that I can try it.

  94. elly ben says:

    This video is very informative, but still if you are stuck somewhere you can always

    contact support (+1-888-507-2003) for help. Even if you forgot your password.They are genius.

  95. julie smith says:

    For live help and support call (+1-888-507-2003) (Toll-free).

  96. elly ben says:

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  99. varun gupta says:

    Great Video ……want you more assistance to your FACEBOOKquery, then just call +1-888-507-2003 & save time.

  100. c3h8O says:

    OMG I remember messing with GOOG411 a lot back when, mostly by speaking jibberish to it.

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