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okay so when I was asking earlier what
was happening because it was so intense feeling about D and his plans I’m
just gonna show you what I drew first as it relates to the FBI because I wanted
to know from the FBI is B K safe if you watch the movie the great
hat B K used to be one of the presidents I assume or VPS or the
execs with C A uh and she was a whistle blower much like
C W she did they followed up with her in the movie the great hack
and since she has been totally undercover she said she was going to be
working with the officials I check in with her once in a while and she lasts I
knew she was working on an agreement with speaker P but speaker P
was trying to help her out and protect her they got to that point where she was
willingly sharing enough information I loved seeing this because I wanted to
know if B K was safe and on the bottom was speaker P thank God
because it’s crowning her these nightmares I did we just not have this
for the car to the reading total nightmare she is going through right now
and living because in the past the FBI had to take some action to help her out
probably at the request of speaker P because of this is actually them
offering almost forcing her into some type of protection currently because she
is totally entrapped completely and there’s no way out
I just feel like she is so well she’s totally entrapped because at the base of
this we’ve got some mercenaries looking to do trouble to her just could I also
the other thing that came to mind was having 24-hour security and help which
is leading to how the five of swords the five of swords is significant because
because what was to come the Mafia card an attack by the Mafia
the clarifiers this is bill bill but this is bill bar type of Justice this is
a R op and the discussion because of the discussions she was having she
was having with our F and them and they are conferring about her and what
to do so look at that look what was on look at that
hello so this has been my mo flow card it also shows as Britney BK and I think
the reason why mo flow has been showing up so much lately related to elections
is because this thing with BK is heightening because mo flow is showing
up everywhere because there’s just a very tight group of people who are
working on this Donald bar J I might know A S
knows maybe E maybe she’ll be M and child look those are like the inner
most of the inners because they want this done they this this rusher thing is
a huge problem huge and it’s things are happening so what we have underneath
here this is the reading that I did asking Donald stuff you know I’m gonna
turn this over because it’s it’s a bit disturbing so therefore it’s a bit
distracting okay so car to the reading moon outraged it’s also C but I
think this is total outrage Don Ho leo just raging what do you think about when
you think about BK and this was it pissed off furious
okay so the car the reading we have the chariot pissed off about her furious and
on the move something set into motion the curious the chariot was a curious
card for me at the quarter moon if you just watched what the ones that I did
with D and N not even a week ago this was such a puzzle then I asked
about her and it’s the signifier and the move ain’t gonna stop won’t stop I’m
gonna go covered in ooh seven of swords theft D’s saying he feels like she stole
something from him or she’s gonna steal something from him he sees her as a
threat because the information that she has indicates that he stole the election
he stole it from the American people and he’s got to cover that up
but Donald’s challenge we have the queen of swords that could be SD NY the New
York Attorney General it could be impeached N with impeachment it
could be all all of them working together is what I’m being told they’re
all working together hello Divine Feminine so Don Julio wants to go do
something but he’s got these women in the way and can’t do what he wants right
away but he’s so furious because at the basis of this look at this votes votes
and kickbacks and we’re in primary primary season and these are kickbacks
money laundering crypto that has stolen from government agencies
again what’s crowning down holy Oh we have Oh all of the bribes all of the
data sharing tipping the election scales in his favor because in the past he’s so
furious with BK it’s like he wants to separate her from life from living from
this planet that is how furious he is with her and so that is leading to angry
P orM they want this done he’s doing it for them how do we see D
regarding B K page of Pentacles now this is interesting
because bread P scale showed up as page of Pentacles a lot page of
Pentacles was active who else was page of Pentacles holy crap I think he was
the only one I ran across with the page of Pentacles this is brad par scale he’s
worried about brad par scale and remembered was it last night of the
night before i would i did the one on par and Z i need to look
at that one again because this is related to that i’ve started to freak
out when i saw this one what’s the environment like with D regarding
B K he’s got her in trapped round her up tire up get rid of her okay what’s D’s hope regarding her
oh we can just ship her off somewhere else in pieces that’s what he’s hoping
she can get sliced and diced and tossed into the water his fear the four
Pentacles is that because of whatever he wants to do with her he’s not you know
he won’t be able to do this he won’t be able to retain his power he won’t be
able to hold on he is terrified you guys he’s falling apart I did that other
reading on about his chart he just feels like he’s disintegrating from the inside
out it’s got to be very painful so the hope the fear mm the next step the ace
of cups this is always always always traces back to P sometimes China
that’s where the up always originates especially with the elections think of
Lavrov in the Oval Office so when I did the clarifiers this is when I kind of
freaked out and so I’m like a woman why with this coming next next steps why
this because of voter suppression the elections being rigged voters being
suppressed being targeted left off the rolls not able to participate and
because of that we have put her in a coffin and her end this and everything
related to her killer and so now isn’t that just rattling it’s
so disturbing this is where he was tonight you know and he makes it act
like he’s you know ordering something off of a menu I want you to do this and
this and this and this and this final outcome the knight of Wands this is the
F interesting I just had that in that reading clarifiers on that
D’s burdens did we not just have the 10 of Wands here yeah because it
flew off my table the White House candidate D so that was what was
going on tonight I will tell you eyes while I was trying to wait for stuff to
upload you want to see who else is in on this par scale Huck and Jack T all
had the ace of swords and hidden enemies like that’s a thing that could end them
oh and P did too because she knows Schiff is on to all of them thank God
with the F bill B had death as his signal in the first house of identity
this is who I am this is what I’m gonna do I’m gonna go get her so and then when
I checked in with D I’m like what is this about and this is when I started
doing the clarifiers and I asked about B what he thought about because
that’s what it kind of looked like Bill B
what do you know what do you think about B ace of swords came up Carter
the reading I’m gonna get rid of her slicer get her out of here because the
the data and the bride payments for data is covered in the office of the
president the United States the challenge was a devil the deals that
were made with Putin at the base of this is P the king of cups in their crown
by that seven of cups which is gas lighter you know here we go next steps
here we have the ace of cups again regarding B like D R up
8 of wines go B st. the five of swords the mafioso I asked what was
going on and seen as a devil a henchman for Putin
because of the environment has to do with the star
D M flow FLOTUS what do you know Oh P ordered it
the challenge is he was trying to get the hitman paid covering the page of
swords the person that’s gonna do it is the knight of Pentacles so the nine of
Pentacles is a person who issued payment I was wondering if that was E C
and i checked in with the FBI regarding her what was going on yes they know that
there there’s a death plan for her what does this mean
death FBI because of all the data and the voting because of D he set this
up to get her he that’s what he’s talking about I would check in with
B K but I just don’t want the wrong people watching this and
getting any funny ideas what happens these mofos trying to get Brittany what
I have to see these mofos targeting B Divine Feminine protect her
please try to do that really oh this is they were coming after her
leading to looks is this your funeral of the church oh the R Party oh so
this is what’s gonna happen to these guys going after her are they gonna walk
away from this little setup that’s the salt they have on her clarifiers are
page of Pentacles it’s par scale and ending Oh Donald timing
I think they walk away see these cards all keep showing so this is like I think
happening now kind of I’m going well you know I don’t know what else is going on
I don’t know if it happened or it’s gonna here it’s just it’s active now you
guys okay that’s it I’m done I’m done I’m done I’m done
thanks you guys grab my grab my rock I’m gonna sleep with this do you think this
making like a nice pillow nice pillow hmm
I’m okay you guys I just ran into some weird stuff tonight okay thanks you

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