把玩我的 VPS 主机 – 宝塔不仅可以镇河妖,还能搭建 WordPress 站点


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Hello everyone! In the previous video I gave you a Linux one-click installation Let’s say MySQL, Nginx, Apache There are other kinds of software And this is a very, very, very important way It helps us to be more efficient If you think that’s a bit of a hassle I can only say Brother You still have salvation Today we’re going to introduce a panel It’s a pagoda panel And of course the panels are not just the pagodas There’s another one called AMH I’ve used it before In terms of the current panel development, the best in the country is almost the pagoda Someone might have written something that’s more powerful than that, but we don’t know The way we do it And actually do something on the terminal Using panel I can manipulate some of our servers in a web page That’s like the picture you see here What we’re going to do today is on a vps To set up an environment of LNMP And put a WordPress As a rapid construction site So what Let’s cut it short Just get started So the domain name of the pagoda panel is Www.bt.cn What happens when you go in We click Immediate installation And this is one of the installation documents It reminds us of our The Python version is 2.6 / 2.7 When you install a pagoda it will be installed automatically We don’t care about that The memory he wants to be 125MB or more I recommend 512MB or more And the reason for that is that It has a 10MB station system Almost no memory But we’re gon na install some programs that we’re gon na install MySQL, we’re gon na install PHP So they’re going to take up some memory So what It’s recommended that we are 512MB or more What about the vps that I’m showing you now It’s a 1 nuclear 1 G configuration And that panel The supported operating systems are CentOS and Ubuntu There are other operating systems What I’m showing here is CentOS You can use other systems as well The steps are pretty much the same But first we’re going to log in to the server When we log in, we’ll take a look at CentOS installation Take this line Because I’m currently a root user So we can just use yum to install it Carriage return It now asks me if I want to install a pagoda panel It’s gon na put the pagoda in the / www directory Let’s say yes Like this tool it’s very powerful It can help us to configure the server environment in the first place Including LNMP And you can also create a website that manages our website FTP and database And of course you can do some regular backups as well Data import, pseudo static reverse proxy, and so on Of course there are too many features We’re not gon na do a lot of that today And we’re gon na use the building function So now it’s installed I probably took a few minutes to do that It will give me the address of the panel It’s this one Let’s go to this address You can see the pagoda in the background The login name and password have been given out And at the same time he’s telling us If you can’t access the panel Try to open these ports Let’s have a look at it The account is this one The password is this one This account and password We need to write it down When we first saw this panel It would recommend that we install some software So we’re gon na build a website So we’re going to take the natural log of MP and we’re going to check that And on the right hand side we don’t need that Click ” one-click install ” It’s already installed Let’s wait a moment So now we have our pagoda panel installed I probably waited about twenty minutes or so So we’ll turn it off After the LNMP installation is complete We need to build blog WordPress So we are in the software Click ” one-click deployment source ” It’s going to list all the popular source code for us And then we click on the blog There’s WordPress Click on one key deployment So if you don’t have a domain name then you can go to port 80 on the server So what I’m going to do is I’m going to give you a domain name We use wp. 2333. blog So I’m going to use this domain name to do one of our demos I’ll just use the default And then there’s a root directory I’m not going to modify it I also use the default database This is the password for a database We need to write it down The source code and the PHP version It has helped us make a choice So I’ll just click submit It’s gon na download the WordPress source first And then we can do an installation for us Now it’s installed It tells me that I can access the domain name But we need to have DNS of our domain names Point to this server So what I’m gon na do that What are we doing here? Add an A record I’ll just type in a wp Right! we are a secondary domain I’ll fill in the IP address I’ll get rid of it And then we click Add an A record And that’s where it’s been added We’ll come back You can access this site Now we can install WordPress Click here to start Database name So let’s paste that It’s this one The user name of the database is exactly the same And then the password is this one This host we’re not going to change it Because on the same server Table prefix We also use the default And then click submit Now it’s telling me that I’m connected to our database If I’m ready, install it And we are in here Just fill out a message from the following site For example: the little black house User name for example: admin What about this password It is recommended that you use it to generate a strong password Or write a more complicated password Because I’m a demo site So I’m gon na make it a little bit easier 123456 Make sure to use a weak password This email has to be written so I’m gon na write my own email We don’t let the search engines go to the site Now it’s installed But we can get rid of this one Visit it After the visit The WordPress site has been set up What if you also like to do an operation on the panel You can also build your own site What’s the problem with the setup? You can leave a message at the bottom of the video So if you’re interested in this panel I’ll be able to record some other videos later And then we’ll talk about other functions I’m going to introduce you to this video If you like this video Remember to give the video a thumbs up And then subscribe to my channel I’ll see you in the next video Bye bye

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    欢迎留言反馈你的问题或建议 🤪

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    那我只能说 “兄弟,你还有救” 🤣

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    有网站源码应该怎么弄 已订阅哈

  7. Not Sure says:

    补充一下,AppNode (https://www.appnode.com/) ,这个面板也不错,可以集群管理,在线终端命令

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    我想问一下为什么宝塔那么好用还是可视化的为什么还有很多人都是自己搭环境的 宝塔有什么缺点吗?

  11. 小强不是蟑螂 says:

    我的填完设置总显示“建立数据库连接时出错” 怎么回事

  12. 倩倩 says:

    反向代理 怎么设置

  13. Bless HK says:

    王爵大师,您好,如果可能,可否衍生一下宝塔的面板的VPS-VPS接力网络连接, 也就是从VPS-A 到 VPS-B, 然后用ssr连接,来实现rixcloud那种ssr接力! 看rixcloud哪个广告觉得他们这个技术含量很高一样, 一直想测试一下,这种速度是否又值的提升,非常感谢!

  14. S. S.S says:

    /bin/sh: /www/server/apache/bin/apachectl: No such file or directory

    怎么解决 大神?

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  17. Honey哥哥 says:

    您好,我在一键部署的时候报错,检测到配置文件有误 这个怎么解决

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    多一些这种所见所得 适合初学者的

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    老师你好。5:43这个位置 配置完域名 后无法访问到WordPress的安装界面。提示:您的请求在Web服务器中没有找到对应的站点! 请问如何解决?

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    老师你好, 我按你的操作到5:40这里 , 访问自己的域名提示
    500 Internal Privoxy Error

    Could not load template file no-server-data or one of its included components.

    If you are the proxy administrator, please put the required file(s)in the (confdir)/templates directory. The location of the (confdir) directory is specified in the main Privoxy config file. (It's typically the Privoxy install directory).

    这个要怎么处理呢, 我看评论也有其他人出现这问题。

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    我在宝塔安装 wp 完了之后,访问我自己的网站,出现DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN 连不上

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    A record添加了,应该指向了VPS主机了,但是输入宝塔提供的网址进去,那个域名还是Namecheap.com的牌照,是要等多久还是怎样。另外,我直接把域名填写成abc.com的格式,我没有用cloudfare,用的namecheap和宝塔新版

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    老哥,5:44这一步点击我的域名显示502 Bad Gateway,google一圈也没解决,求解答,谢谢.

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    good job,希望up主,能多推相关视频。😆

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    请问手动安装php configure怎么设置……我手动安装,但是没办法同步到面板……

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    点击部署完wordpress后的站点显示:Your server is running PHP version 5.4.45 but WordPress 5.2.1 requires at least 5.6.20.

  40. 古哥 says:

    已经搭建成功 谢谢博主 感谢 话说 我知识想看看怎么翻墙 怎么跑来搭了个博客 =。=

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