☑️ #13 How To Install Nginx Web Server In DigitalOcean Droplet?


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Hello everyone, so in this tutorial, we
are going to check how we can install Nginx web server in our DigitalOcean
droplet. Now, What is Nginx? Nginx is a high-performance web server that can
take the request and then it can run our web application. So right now if we try
to actually open our droplet using the IP directly it’s not going to do
anything because the system is not configured to take the request. So Nginx
is going to help us in taking the request and then forwarding it as
appropriately as we want. So to install Nginx we need to login to git bash with our
cloud server IP and we need to run one command which is sudo apt install nginx.
Enter. It’s asking for the password, just type in your password. Enter. Here you can press yes and enter. So it’s basically installed. Now just to
check whether the service is running or not you can run a command which is
sudo service nginx status. Enter. So as you can see it is installed and it is
also running. Now further what you can do is if you want to check which version of
Nginx is installed you can run this command and it will tell you. Sorry we
need to remove the service then it will tell the version. Enter. Right now the
version that we are using for Nginx is 1.14.0. So now if you try to
actually open the IP address it is actually going to show a default page of
Nginx. So our server is now actually configured to take request from the IP
address. Now if you are wondering from where this page is coming I will tell
you the location so for that you need to go to cd /var/www/html enter. So
this is the page from where this page is shown. Alright so if you open also it will show the HTML content
that you can see in the browser here. So these were some of the steps that we had
to execute to install Nginx web server in DigitalOcean droplet. In the
next tutorial, we are going to check how to install and configure MariaDB in
digital ocean droplet.

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