Программы Google работать не будут! Телефон из Китая в 2019 году без сертификации Google?


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Hi, this is the news on the Technozon channel and today in the issue I will tell you why it is impossible to buy devices for the Chinese market in 2018 or customized for various companies such as Amazon. Android is an open source operating system. But not always sold smartphones with a clear android. You can note FlyME, MIUI, TouchWiz from Samsung and a huge number of others. And despite all the add-ons for android smartphones. If the Android-device of the user is certified by Google, then the manufacturer has the right to install on the device wich they are producing. Google Srvices. With the help of Google services, applications such as the Play Store, Maps, Hangouts, Gmail, Google search and voice assistant work. But the most important application in the Android smartphone is Google Play From which we set all these Google additions. Gmail. G-Maps, Games etc. And any applications it our smartphones. But if the device is not certified (for example, a tablet with Amazon Fire OS or most Chinese smartphones for the Chinese market, then installing applications from Google on it is not allowed. Although experienced users bypassed this prohibition, installing Google services from third-party sources. What to say, even manufacturers installed Google applications on their devices without permission and almost all Chinese manufacturers such as Meizu, Xiaomi Cubot and an endless number of others did it. But in March 2018, Google resolutely began to block Google services and Google applications on such smartphones. Now when the application starts, Google checks the device’s certification and if from the date of the Android system’s build on the device later than March 16, 2018. That Google applications and Google services are blocked. There is a small exception for fans of using custom firmware. There is a small exception for fans of using custom firmware. You can register with the Android ID to allow Google applications to work. But there is a limit – no more than 100 devices per user. This can cause problems for assembly testers. And in order to check the certification of your device, you need to – Open the play market – click the settings to scroll through the device certification and look at the inscription. If it is written CERTIFICATED it will not be a problem. I have, in addition to the smartphone SONY, there are several devices and I will show them certified or not.
Here for example my Meizu pro6 I go to the play market as well, press the settings, scroll down and see that the device certification is not passed. This device is not certified, and I understand that if this device is updated, then Google services will not work in it. And this smartphone will fall into a useless piece of metal. I also have a Doogee, which I use only in Germany, it’s on my German number. I press the pley store, I press the settings , I scroll and here in German it is written Unauthorized. I do not worry about this device, because I know that it will not be exactly updated. But about the PRO 6 I’ll certainly think about. And in principle, if you look, the Google services will be blocked if the compilation of the system was after March 16, 2018. And it seems that not everything is so scary. But in fact, you never know when an update can come out. And the risk of being left without Google services is the absence of Google maps, google services, any games tied to Google Play, any applications tied to Google services, while you will not have the opportunity to install these applications, use and it’s really a problem. Also you can not use OK GOOGLE and Google search widget. Installation of applications begins to resemble the game of Russian roulette. You start downloading them from third-party stores, or forums and with no one guarantees that there will not be any viruses, and the applications will be checked for security. And now we can say that buying Chinese versions or global versions on Ali or similar sites is becoming the same terrible game in Russian roulette. Because you do not know. If this phone is disguised as a global version, it will work without updates. Or if you bought, got and opened, that’s all. You again have a situation with the fact that you do not have Google services. and nothing is possible with this. So we choose carefully, we follow the development of events. If the situation changes, Technozon will necessarily release a video with information and recommendations. And we are waiting for a novelty. Among the first, we get Meizu E3. Which was presented last week And this is the Chinese version. We will make a review. Unpack it. We will test. And let’s see how Google services will or will not work. On that device. And is there any point in buying it for Aliexpress. And we will also present it through Random Org among our subscribers. And when they get more than 10 000, we will definitely hold an open lottery. By this, subscribe to our chanel, and follow the situation. See you soon.

10 Replies to “Программы Google работать не будут! Телефон из Китая в 2019 году без сертификации Google?”

  1. Руслан Мачнев says:

    Да огромное спасибо тому магазину Xiaomi в ТЦ Грин Хаус, что продали мне не сертифицированный Redmi 4X.
    Запомните люди, не покупайте в прилавках Xiaomi в ТЦ, а лучше в официальном магазине где есть вывеска Xiaomi

  2. aut auts says:

    Да да ни кто не гарантирует,вот только у меня сертифицированное устройство и гугл меня уже достал,все вирусы появившиеся у меня появилис благодаря сервисам гугл именно через их браузер и ютуб ,гугл это полный провал вирусы свободно встраиваются куда хотят именно через долбанный гугл и их сервисы ни один антивирус остановить это не в силах.

  3. Шаман Тащит says:

    Купил телефон с алиэ… он несертифицирован могу ли я вернуть деньги?

  4. Алексей Куксов says:

    Так вот почему у меня перестал устонавливаться Ютуб и Гугл+ и пропал ассистент голосовой

  5. Igor Igor says:

    Плей маркет не работает,как я смогу туда зайти что бы проверить сертификат.?

  6. Михаил Сергеевич says:

    Хэх. Я вручную все сервера Google ударил. Так как они мне, вообще не нужны

  7. Ȟᴇċĸȧĸŷʜ Âɡᴇĸʙȧᴛᴇʜ says:

    Пару слов: LineageOS, OpenGApps, MicroG, FDroid, Yalp. И наконец Magisk.

  8. Kirill Borodin says:

    Купил Meizu 16x, китайскую версию , сертификации конечно же нет. Скачал сервисы со сторонних источников, но работают криво. Подскажи пожалуйста, прошивка сможет помочь?

  9. F.O.M.A says:

    Можна сертифицировать самому;)

  10. Serega Fox says:

    Можно обойтись и без Гугл маркета и хламо-гугл сервисов 🙂 немеряно приложений аналогов есть. Батарея будет только лучше держать 🙂

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